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Getting Glaucoma Treatment in Manhattan

Visiting an optometrist and checking your eyes regularly helps reduce the risk of serious health concerns related to your vision. Since glaucoma is a condition that does not show any early warning signs, you want to talk to a professional Washington Heights eye doctor regularly to keep up with changes to your eyes and potential health concerns.

What is Glaucoma?

elderly man getting glaucoma testGlaucoma refers to a build up of pressure in the eyes that directly causes damages to the optic nerve. During a routine check-up with an optometrist in Manhattan, you will go through a test to identify the current amount of pressure in the eyes. When the numbers reach a certain level, you are considered at-risk or you are diagnosed with the condition.

Glaucoma Treatment Options

At the Broadway Vision Center at 170th, we recognize that being diagnosed with a disease that causes damage to your eyes and impacts your vision can seem intimidating or scary. That is why we offer different treatment options to address the symptoms and reduce the risks to your vision.

The most common treatments that we offer to help reduce the build up of pressure is the use of eye drops and medications. The medications help reduce pressure in your eyes and prevent further damages to the eyes. The downside of using medication is the potential side effects. Generally, the side effects are mild; however, you should always read the details about potential allergic reactions or similar risks before using any medication.

We also recommend discussing the medication with a doctor to ensure that any prescription will not interact with other medications that you take for other health concerns. Our doctors can prescribe alternatives if a specific medication or eye drop will cause interactions.

When the medications do not work adequately or if you feel that the medications cause uncomfortable side effects, we also offer surgical treatment options to reduce the amount of fluid in the eyes so that the pressure reduces. The appropriate surgical procedures depend on the type of glaucoma, so we make recommendations based on the specific details associated with the disorder. 

The risks associated with surgical procedures vary based on the type of procedure and we always discuss the risks before offering an operation. Our team explains the details of a specific surgical procedure and how it works as well as the risks that arise when individuals go through the procedure. After the surgery, we offer advice about the healing process and steps to take to protect the eyes.

Glaucoma is a harsh condition that impacts the eyes and increases the risk of vision loss. Depending on the severity of the situation and the loss of vision, an individual has different tools to address the pressure build up and treat the underlying cause of vision loss. For more details about treatment options for glaucoma or to set up an appointment to see a doctor for a glaucoma test, contact the Broadway Vision Center at 170th today!