Broadway Vision: Meet the Eye Doctor and Staff

Our Manhattan eye doctor at Broadway Vision, Dr. Charles Gold, earned his degree from the University of California Berkley School of Optometry. Since 1986, he has been providing eye care to patients using the latest technology available in the optometry field. Dedicated to providing eye care to everyone, he created the non-profit organization of Light for the Eyes to uninsured NYC residents and in developing nations. In 2012, Dr. Charles Gold received the Optometrist of the Year award by the NY Optometric Association in recognition of his community work. Currently, he is a board member on the NY Medicaid Advisory Board and serves on the SUNY College of Optometry Council. When you meet Dr. Charles Gold, expect to meet an experienced professional who is committed to your eye health and vision needs.

Our staff at Broadway Vision is also friendly and professional. Their goal is to provide unparalleled customer service to all of their patients. Personalized care and an A+ patient experience are our staff’s top priority.

Eye Care Services with the Latest Technology

At Broadway Vision, optometrist Dr. Gold utilizes the latest technology in eye care. With wavefront technology, we can diagnose vision problems in eye exams much better than the traditional device phoropter. This technology measures the way a wavefront of light passes through the cornea and precisely diagnoses common vision errors, such as astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. It also allows us us to monitor and treat most eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts.  Plus, we use ultra-widefield retinal imaging to diagnose, treat and monitor ocular pathology. This technology delivers more than an 80 percent view of the retina in a single capture. With multiple retinal imaging modalities, we can see more and treat pathologies more effectively.

Types of Eye and Vision Care Services at our Manhattan Office

We offer eye exams, contact lens exam, treatment for eye conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and dry eyes. Our eye exams are comprehensive and evaluate visual acuity, eye performance and eye health. Shop for fashion-forward frames or a pair of protective sunglasses at our Manhattan location. We carry top designer brands like Coach, Prada and Disney.

Take advantage of our walk-in clinic in Washington Heights. Our walk-in clinic is ideal for emergency situations or for those times when you forgot to schedule an appointment. From eye exams and contact lens prescriptions to trendy frames and treatment for eye diseases, Broadway Vision is your one-stop-shop for all of your eye care needs.

Time for an annual eye and vision exam? Have you experienced changes in your vision? Want to change up your look with a pair of new frames? Turn to Broadway Vision. Call us at 212-927-2020 or just stop by our walk-in eye clinic for eye care services in Washington Heights today.

The Broadway Vision Center Mission Statement

Broadway Vision Center, located at 170th Street and Broadway, is a full service medical eye care facility committed to providing personal patient-centered treatment to all our patients. BVC utilizes the latest digital and wave-front technology to ensure accurate diagnosis and medical treatment. Our licensed staff is dedicated to providing the necessary guidance for patients throughout their eye care treatment needs, from medical testing, frame and contact lens selection to navigating the ever-changing medical insurance landscape. We are a community-based office committed to serving and educating our Washington Heights community. Through our volunteer work we provide free eye medical screenings and educational classes.