Blocking Blue Light to Protect Your Eyes in New York

The average American spends up to eight hours each day staring at screens of one sort of another, from computer monitors to smart phone screens. Each one of these screens emits light in a certain part of the spectrum, known as blue light. Blue light has an effect on the brain of exciting many of the pathways, which can be valuable during the work day, but it’s another story at night. At Broadway Vision Center, we make custom sunglasses that block blue light waves from contacting your eyes.

People who receive an abundance of blue light in the later part of the day often develop problems falling and staying asleep. This can be difficult for adults, but when it affects children it can cause problems with school work and even behavioral issues due to lack of quality sleep time. Learn how to deal with blue light from our Manhattan optometrist, Dr. Charles Gold.

How to Deal With Blue Light in Manhattan

Clearly, blue light is a problem for anyone who works on a computer or who uses electronic devices for hours each day. Smart phones, tablets, and laptops all contribute to the blue light problem in your life. It’s likely impossible to eliminate most of the blue light in your life, but you can take steps to minimize the damage you do each day.

  • Expose yourself to as much sunlight as possible during the day to counteract the blue light with light from other parts of the spectrum
  • Take a break every hour you work at a computer by walking away for ten minutes
  • Avoid using electronic devices for at least two hours before bed time
  • See your optometrist to be fitted for blue light lens eyeglasses

Broadway Vision in Manhattan can make eyeglasses with a special coating that blocks blue light waves from hitting your eyes. These glasses protect your eyes from damage while allowing you to continue working for longer hours.

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