How to Treat Dry Eye in New York

How to Treat Dry Eye in New York

Our Washington Heights optometrist sees a lot of patients who complain of dry eye. In addition to treating dry eye, they want to know if we have any recommendations for how to prevent dry eye from recurring. Let us tell you how we treat dry eye at our optometry clinic, and how you can prevent recurrence at home.

How to Treat Dry Eye at Broadway Vision Center at 170th

To treat dry eye, you must first recognize that you have it. If your eyes burn, sting, or otherwise feel uncomfortable, you may have dry eye. Itchy eye is a symptom for some people.

Many people experience situational dry eye after sitting on an airplane, riding a bicycle, or staring at a computer for a long time.

Over-the-counter eye drops can alleviate occasional dry eye, reducing your pain and symptoms of dry eye. If these eye drops do not deliver relief, we can prescribe stronger eye drops.

When treating you for dry eye, we will investigate for underlying dry eye causes.

Some people have dry eye due to the shape of tear ducts. If you tear ducts do not product sufficient tears, your eyes will be dry and uncomfortable. We can alter your tear ducts to alleviate dry eye naturally.

Others have dry eye from corneal inflammation. By using special medicated eye drops, we can reduce the inflammation and associated dryness.

How to Prevent Dry Eye

Once you treat dry eye, you do not want it to come back. During an appointment we can discuss ways to prevent dry eye naturally.

Eye drops are safe to use on a long-term basis. When you use them frequently, even if you do not feel like your eyes are dry, it can keep them healthy.

In addition to eye drops, there are eye ointments, gel inserts, and gels for dry eye. We can discuss these different products with you and make our recommendations over which product will work for you.

Do You Have Dry Eye?

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