Dr. Charles Gold is an optometrist in private practice in Upper Manhattan since 1986. He has extensive training in ocular disease and public health. He has been providing primary and emergency medical eye care to patients using the latest technology practices available.

Dr. Gold’s dedication to better serve his patient population, along with his commitment to community health care, led to the creation of Light for the Eyes/Luz para los Ojos, a non-profit organization that provides free eye care, surgery and prescription eyeglasses to uninsured residents in New York City and in developing countries. The organization he founded has performed life transforming glaucoma surgeries and treated thousands of people, as well as, donated almost 30,000 pairs of glasses on its many missions to Latin America. Light for the Eyes has also brought many local politicians on these trips as a way to educate them on the quality of optometric care. As a result of these political contacts Dr. Gold has tirelessly lobbied in Albany for greater medical eye care access for all New Yorkers.

In 2012 Dr. Gold received the Optometrist of the Year award by the New York State Optometric Association in recognition of all his community and legislative work.

Dr. Gold received his degree from the University of California, Berkley School of Optometry. He currently serves on the SUNY College of Optometry Council and is a board member on the New York State Medicaid Advisory Board.

He is married, has two sons and lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.