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At Broadway Vision Center at 170th, we see many patients who complain of dry eye. Dry eye can have many underlying causes, and this condition can be easily treated by our Manhattan optometrist to improve your comfort. If you suffer from dry eye, learn ways to prevent and treat this eye health condition so you can live more comfortably.

Causes of Dry Eyes in New York

To treat dry eye effectively, you must understand what causes dry eye in the first place.

Your eyes will become dry if you do not create enough tears naturally. Tears help keep your eyes healthy by preventing infection and keeping the eyes clear.

If you are taking certain medications, dry eye may be a side effect. Dry eyes can also occur as a natural result of aging, or if you suffer from an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or a thyroid condition.

There are several symptoms for dry eye, in addition to feeling dryness. You may experience stinging, itchy eyes, burning, irritation, increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision, or eye fatigue. Your eyes may feel tired or painful. The best thing to do if you experience these symptoms is to see your eye doctor in Washington Heights.

Dry Eye Treatment

The simplest way to treat dry eyes is to use over-the-counter eye drops to relieve your dry eye symptoms. However, this only works if you suffer from dry eye periodically and not routinely.

If you treat the underlying cause of your eye’s dryness, then the dry eye symptoms should go away. For example, if your eyes are dry from arthritis, then treating the arthritis can reduce your dry eye symptoms.

Our optometrist can help by issuing prescription eye drops that keep your eyes hydrated or prescribing tear-stimulating eye drops or oral medication. If your cornea or your eyelids are inflamed, we can recommend medication that will reduce inflammation and restore balance.

In addition to medication, we may be able to offer treatment such as surgery to close your tear ducts (thereby reducing fluid loss on your eyes), moisturizing contact lenses, eyelid massage, light therapy, or treatment to unblock eye oil glands.

How to Prevent Dry Eyes

To reduce the frequency of dry eye, you may find it helpful to use warm compresses to naturally reduce eyelid inflammation. Eye drops or eye ointments can also relieve dry eye pain. By incorporating these habits daily, you can reduce dry eye.  Stopping these habits may invite your symptoms to return. If you have any other questions about dry eye treatment, we invite you to see our dry eye doctor.

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