Eyesight is something to be cherished, and yet many people don’t think about the health and wellness of their eyes until serious problems have already developed. If you and your loved ones want to enjoy a lifetime of healthier eyes and optimal vision clarity, you need to make sure you receive regular eye exams and vision testing. Here at Broadway Vision Center at 170th, our optometrist provides eye exam and vision testing services for Brooklyn, Washington Heights, Inwood, Harlem, Manhattan, Hamilton Heights and other New York City residents.

The eyes are constantly developing and changing throughout your lifetime, which is why you can’t assume that your eyes are fine on the basis of a single eye exam performed long ago. Depending on your risk for particular eye diseases, you may require as many as two eye exams per year, although our optometrist, Dr. Charles Gold, generally recommends one eye exam per year for most healthy individuals. Our Manhattan clinic employs advanced diagnostic techniques, combined with Dr. Gold’s own decades of experience, to check your eyes for any signs of disease or other abnormalities, including:

Glaucoma testing – If the fluid pressure in your eyes is too high, the optic nerves can be damaged and blindness can eventually result. Fortunately, Dr. Gold uses a technique known as tonometry to measure your eye pressure and catch glaucoma in its earliest stages so we can begin sight-saving treatment.

Slit lamp testing – By dilating your pupils and examining your eyes under a bright light, both without and without the use of a microscope, we can detect signs of diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy, a torn or detached retina, macular degeneration or cataracts. We can recommend the proper course of treatment, including treatment of any underlying disorder causing your eye disease.

Eye function testing – Dr. Gold will perform some simple tests to evaluate how well your eyes track objects and work as a team. We can also perform simple tests to check your color vision and peripheral vision.

Let us keep a close eye on your eye health and visual acuity. Contact Broadway Vision Center at 170th for an appointment today at 212-927-2020!