Walk-In Eye Exams at Broadway Vision Center at 170th

Here at Broadway Vision Center at 170th, your eye care is our main priority. We know you don’t always have time to schedule an appointment, especially when you experience pain, discomfort, or a sudden and unexplained vision problem. That’s why our doors are open six days a week for walk-in eye exams and other eye care services.

Visit Our Full-Service Walk-In Eye Clinic

At our walk in optometry office in Washington Heights, Manhattan, we provide a variety of eye care services for patients of all ages. Learn about the treatments and eye exams we offer, and call us for more information if you’re thinking of coming in.

Walk-In Eye Exams in Washington Heights

At Broadway Vision Center at 170th, we offer walk-in eye exams for English and Spanish speakers throughout Manhattan. Located just a few blocks from the neighborhood’s most popular parks and hospitals, our walk-in optometry office is a convenient option for New Yorkers who have unpredictable schedules. Our walk-in eye exams are just as detailed and professional as every other service we provide, and we use world-class digital equipment and years of optometry training to catch problems early and make accurate diagnoses.

Walk-In Vision Tests

Corrective lenses will not work unless your prescription is up to date and underlying conditions are treated. We will accept you on a walk-in basis for a routine vision test, which will help our optometrist pinpoint your specific refractive error. If you don’t know whether you need corrective lenses, don’t wait weeks for an appointment. Come in today and ask for a comprehensive vision test at our walk-in optometry office in Washington Heights.

Diagnosis & Treatment for Common Eye Conditions

Eye diseases can be debilitating, but it’s easier to treat conditions that are identified early. We use digital imaging equipment and comprehensive vision tests to see if you have any degenerative conditions or refractive errors that need attention. We take a look at your field of vision, clarity of vision, and the shape and color of your eyes, among other factors.

If your optic nerves are damaged by glaucoma, we act quickly to slow the rate of degeneration and figure out what treatment will work for you. If your field of vision is diminished, we will rule out a diabetic complication. Our team also treats minor eye conditions and complications. For example, we prescribe medicated eye drops for dry eye conditions and recommend lifestyle adjustments to prevent the effects of computer vision syndrome.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (212) 927-2020.